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The aim of the Battle Cancer Program is to engage people who have experienced cancer in a meaningful pathway of structured, and progressive, exercise rehabilitation. 


We focus on building physical confidence and independence, and a belief in a better quality of life and health for the future.


Our driving philosophy is restoration through rehabilitation; motivation through inspiration; hope through healing.

Whilst adhering to best practice in terms of physical rehabilitation in the wake of treatment for cancer, the Battle Cancer Program is distinctly different to the common means of assisted recovery through exercise.


Firstly, the Battle Cancer Program is housed within the world’s best gym facilities and delivered by the most highly skilled and experienced fitness professionals operating within the global sector.


Secondly, the focus of the exercise sessions, from day one, is to instil life-long compliance with exercise as a behaviour and not merely as a means of short-term intervention. The Battle Cancer Program is a new beginning for those who choose to enrol, and the first step towards believing and achieving new standards of health and fitness.


Finally, the environments that house the Battle Cancer Program are inspiring and inclusive, and most importantly non-medical.

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Inclusion Criteria

  1. A minimum of two months clear of all cancer treatment.

  2. Signed off by their doctor to take part in physical activity.

Exclusion Criteria

  • ​Anyone that has had brain or CNS cancer.

  • Anyone with two or more severe simultaneous diseases or medical conditions, particularly cardiovascular and neurological.


Initial consultation

Following an initial consultation (covering all aspects of past medical history, as well past exercise experience, and completion of a physical activity readiness questionnaire), each individual is assessed in terms of their functional ability and exercise tolerance. The suite of assessment methods is:


  1. Chester step-test.

  2. Sit and reach

  3. Shoulder mobility

  4. Grip strength

  5. Peak Flow

  6. Single-leg balance

  7. 200m run

  8. 1000m run


Not all tests are used on every occasion, or with every participant; only those that are suitable to the presenting capacity and ability of the individual (which is determined during the initial consultation, and directly influenced by each participant’s past medical history).

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Upon completion of this assessment, participants now engage with the initial 12-week Battle Cancer Program, whereby they attend two 1-hour classes per week, for 12-weeks to kickstart rebuilding their strength and fitness. The program is fully-funded to make it free for participants and ensure there is no financial barrier to participation.


The program uses simple, accessible movements, and the coach guides each individual at their own pace, taking into consideration:


  1. Specific energy needs and capabilities

  2. Any soft-tissue issues associated with surgery

  3. Physical abilities and limitations

  4. The specific goals that relate to the individual


Fully-funded coaching and more!

  • 12 weeks of two hours per week coaching

  • Participant Handbook to track and chart progress

  • Free team spot at any Battle Cancer event

We rely on donations to The Battle Cancer Program to offer these services, please consider donating or sharing our link! Thank you. 

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Founder & Trustee

Scott founded Battle Cancer while working in the police as a Detective Sargent. He has since left his career in the emergency services to pursue Battle Cancer full time and has gone on to found The Battle Cancer Program as a registered charity, as well as CrossFit Affiliate, Move Forward Gym.


Scott's own fitness career began in Powerlifting where he won national titles. He currently competes at a high level in CrossFit and serves as part of Men's Health Elite Squad as a fitness professional and coach. Scott is also a Nike Trainer.


Director of Science & Research

Col is an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (UKSCA), accredited Kinanthropometrist (body composition specialist), and a qualified Nutritionalist, equipping him with an all-round knowledge and understanding of how best to develop people along the road of their health and fitness goals.

Col is well-published amongst the peer-reviewed scientific literature and has authored leading impact papers. From clinical rehabilitation, right up to elite sports performance, Col has worked with an extremely broad range of athletes and individuals.


Program Coordinator

After years of volunteering with Battle Cancer, Abby took the step to become further involved with the charity side of the organisation in 2021. 

As well as coordinating Programs across the world, Abby is a NASM-certified coach with experience working with people from a range of fitness abilities. 

Abby's ethos is that physical exercise and a good support system is key to a person’s recovery and has realised her belief while coaching the Battle Cancer Program at Move Forward Gym in Devon.

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"The programming that has been put in place for Battle Cancer Program members is empowering, evidence-based, and most importantly effective. I am extremely proud to have been able to help the Battle Cancer Program team set new standards, and I look forward to seeing how we can evolve this into even better best-practice, and watching the lives that will be transformed as a direct result of this incredible initiative."

Dr Colin Robertson

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