Worldwide fitness support for those post-cancer

The number of people currently undergoing cancer treatment or post-treatment is at an all-time high. The great news is that more people are surviving cancer than ever before, but they often have no additional support after medical treatment.

It's our mission to support this growing cohort of survivors with a structured fitness plan and united community.

Using accessible equipment and simple functional fitness movements, the Battle Cancer Program is suitable for those post-cancer treatment at any age and fitness level.

Our program is based on research from MOVE Forward NI and the UTS Foundation. We have consulted both Simon Darby, founder of MOVE Forward NI and Dr Colin Robertson, Executive Director of the UTS Foundation to build the Battle Cancer Program - 12 weeks of two functional fitness classes per week specifically designed to make those post-cancer treatment fit for life.

With an army of fitness professionals ready to rebuild people physically, mentally and emotionally, we believe our program has the potential to impact the millions affected by cancer worldwide.

We offer our program in a number of gyms in the UK and US, as well as online for free!



"The preservation and promotion of good health by providing tailored functional fitness programs and peer to peer community support for individuals in any part of the world affected by ill-health, in particular, but not limited to those who have had cancer treatment, as a path to rebuilding physical and mental strength."

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"The programming that has been put in place for Battle Cancer Program members is empowering, evidence-based, and most importantly effective. I am extremely proud to have been able to help the Battle Cancer Program team set new standards, and I look forward to seeing how we can evolve this into even better best-practice, and watching the lives that will be transformed as a direct result of this incredible initiative."

Dr Colin Robertson - Executive Director, The UTS Foundation




When people undergo or complete treatment for cancer they're often left to return to "life as usual", but for them, that no longer exists. We provide a support system and structure for them to take control of their own lives and adapt physically and mentally to take on the world around them.

Sometimes, we are the only help they have to do so.



Our program puts cancer survivors in local gyms and provides them with a free 12-week functional fitness course of two free classes per week. 

The training is specifically built with survivors in mind, while groups are kept small to foster a community of peer support through a shared experience of cancer.

Supporting the emotional, financial and practical needs of those impacted by cancer.



At the end of the 12-week program, there is a chance for one attendee to receive a fitness coach qualification. That coach then commits to teaching the next wave of survivors.

Support from someone who's walked a mile in their shoes.



Our program is based on over 10 years of experience from the UTS Foundation, as well as research from the MOVE Forward NI initiative - a study examining the impact of a 10-week functional fitness program on the fitness and quality of life with teenage and young adult cancer survivors. 

The study found that the experimental group saw an overwhelming improvement in physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functioning, as well as a reduction in fatigue, appetite loss, and financial difficulties.

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Some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Music, Sport and CrossFit support our mission in our You Are Not Alone campaign


Founder of MOVE Forward NI, Simon Darby introduces his work which has informed and inspired the Battle Cancer Program

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