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A completed doctor's note is required as part of the application for this Program.

Download is available below.

A full list of upcoming Programs is also available to download below.  You may apply for Programs that do not currently have a start date listed.  This means there is a Program currently running, or that we are in a break between Programs and will be announcing start dates soon.  Your information will be kept ready for the start of the Program in a secure and confidential manner, and you will be contacted when we have dates confirmed.


All personal data acquired through this form shall only be used for the
purposes of delivering the Program's services and shall not be further processed or disclosed.

If you already have a completed Doctor's Note, please upload it below as a file or image depending on the format.  If you are downloading a Doctor's Note to send at a later date, please continue with your application here and send this to abby@battlecancerprogram when you have had this signed.

Upload File
Upload File
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