Start Date: October 3rd 2022

Class Days and Times:

  • Tuesdays 19:30-20:30pm

  • Saturdays 10:30-11:30am


By day I am an IT Consultant and in my spare time I’m a qualified fitness instructor,
registered nutritionist and I’m currently taking my level 4 strength and conditioning
coach qualification.
I love to train, and I have a passion to help others achieve things they never thought
possible. I’m a firm believer that age is no barrier to becoming healthy, strong and,
more importantly, flexible and mobile – I didn’t do my first Olympic Lift until I was 48
and now, I love to lift every week !
Please don’t be put off by the thought that this is a strength-based program; we work
with all ages and abilities, and I guarantee that by the end of the 12 weeks you will
have so much more confidence in the gym, and you will have done things you never
thought possible. We will also have lots of fun and you will meet some great people,
who I am sure will become great friends.
I feel very privileged to be coaching on such a great community programme and am
really excited to meet you all very soon.

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For the last five years, I have developed as a personand as a personal trainer, aiding hundreds of people in their quest for optimal health and wellbeing.Whether their goal has been to increase strength,build muscle, lose body fat or, to find mental release,I have applied my knowledge and passion for helping others to transform both the body and mind.  In more recent years, I have returned to my academic and science based routes and tutor level four strength and conditioning courses to those interested in working in sport, from recreational to elite levels. In my opinion, the most crucial component of coaching is the ability to develop a rapport with the person you are working with. Irrespective of the goal or training intention, it is imperative to display impeccable social skills in order to relate to and communicate with those you are trying to help.