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Next program dates to be announced 2023


Hi I am Katie, I am a mum to a beautiful girl, a Social Worker by day and a coach at CrossFit OL1 where my love for CrossFit began. 
I have always loved being active but I had never experienced the sense of community, support and inclusivity that I found when I started at OL1.  
When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer the gym was my refuge and I experienced the impact and the overwhelming benefits of exercise for treatment management and recovery. Since then I have been passionate about supporting others to experience how powerful exercise can be both physically and psychologically after cancer treatment and so my coaching journey began.
I have taken part in the program myself  and coached alongside other Battle Cancer coaches ready to take the lead for future programs at OL1. 
I am excited to coach the Battle Cancer program and I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

CrossFit OL1: Our Causes
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