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Worldwide fitness support for those post-cancer



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We've seen some staggering results among the first wave of our Programs, with some participants improving their deadlift by up to 156%.

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FULLY-FUNDED strength and fitness programs delivered twice a week for 12 weeks, specifically tailored for people post-cancer treatment.


When people undergo or complete treatment for cancer they're often left to return to "life as usual," but for them, that no longer exists.

We engage people who have experienced cancer in a meaningful pathway of structured and progressive exercise rehabilitation that builds physical confidence and independence, and a belief in a better quality of life and health for the future.



We believe in fitness as prevention, as well as recovery from serious illness. We now offer places in our Battle Cancer Programs for those looking to both Prevent, and Recover from cancer and serious illness.

The focus of the exercise sessions from day one is to instil life-long compliance with exercise as a behaviour, and not merely as a means of short-term intervention. The Battle Cancer Program is a new beginning for those who choose to enrol, and the first step towards believing and achieving new standards of health and fitness.

Both Prevent and Recover participants train together at the same time with the same coach to foster an inspiring and inclusive community. 

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Using fitness to reduce the risk of cancer for those at high-risk or suffering from serious illness such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or impaired movement.



Rebuilding strength and fitness for those who have experienced cancer and have finished their treatment.


The Phoenix Centre x Battle Cancer Program Partnership

We are excited to collaborate with the Phoenix for our first ever cobranded class! Like us, the Phoenix believe recovery is a team sport and we want to work together to drive our mission to improve and aid recovery through movement and to inspire them in people in their darkest moments.

This class is open and free to anyone from The Phoenix who has been sober for 48hours, along side any one who has fished their cancer treatment over 2months before the start date. CrossFit workouts are infinitely scalable and based on functional movements. These movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.

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"I thought I was alone in struggling with life after cancer, but then I met these guys and realise I'm not doing too badly"

Program Participant