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Unit 25 Albert Mill Duchess Street, Lower Darwen BB3 0QQ

Next program dates to be announced 2023

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I have seen the devastating impact cancer can have on loved ones, with my father being diagnosed with throat cancer and undergoing intrusive and life changing surgery and treatment. I was fortunate enough to meet Scott Britton in that time and we developed Battle Cancer. I have seen first-hand the power the fitness community can have when it comes to providing wellbeing support to those dealing with cancer and I have been immensely proud of where the Battle Cancer Team have taken the movement and the countless people they have positively influenced.

Alongside my full time job as a Police Detective I am also a Coach at CrossFit DeltaFox and have developed a passion and drive to support the members in their fitness journeys. I also manage a CrossFit Affiliate that is based within Greater Manchester Police and is one of the first of its kind, providing a fitness community exclusive for the Law Enforcement family.

The opportunity to bring the Battle Cancer Program to CrossFit DeltaFox was too much of a good opportunity to miss, as I feel the impact it can have in the local area will be life changing.  I am excited to get started and be part of the program.


Alongside the 12-week program we are also going to be running two initiatives for those taking part in the DeltaFox program.

Coffee Club:  This will follow the Saturday sessions and will see family members being able to attend the Box to support their loved ones partaking in the program. We will be serving tea, coffee & food 

Nutritional Support:  We are fortunate to have a working cafe at the box that is supported by a nutritionist who provides healthy meals. He will be working alongside the members in terms of providing nutritional support, healthy meal suggestions for example and will help run the cafe on the Saturday.

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