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Battle Cancer Program is housed within some of the world’s best gym facilities and delivered by the most highly skilled and experienced fitness professionals.

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Please read the criteria carefully and consult your doctor before participating in the Battle Cancer Program

​Our program is for those:

  • A minimum of two months clear of all cancer treatment

  • Signed off by their doctor to take part in physical activity

Unfortunately, the program is NOT yet suitable for:

  • Anyone that has had brain or CNS cancer

  • Anyone with two or more severe simultaneous diseases or medical conditions, particularly cardiovascular and neurological

We will ask you to complete our medical questionnaire and get sign off from your doctor to ensure that The Battle Cancer Program is suitable for you :)

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Fill out the form below and our team will get back to you with more information and a medical questionnaire.

We'll have a chat with you to find out more about your experience with cancer and ensure the Battle Cancer Program is right for you!

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Once you're happy The Battle Cancer Program is for you, we'll set you up with a start date at the Battle Cancer Program host gym close to you.

We'll give you information about the gym and your coach and get you ready to start in a small group alongside others post-cancer.

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You're now ready to take on the Battle Cancer Program! Attend two 1-hour classes per week for 12 weeks for free to kickstart rebuilding your strength and fitness.

Our program uses simple, accessible movements and fixed time domains so that your coach will be able to guide you at your own pace.

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We are preparing Programs in gyms across the UK, Europe, the USA, South America and Canada. 
Our next wave commences in early 2023. If you would like to join any of the Programs listed please register your interest below.
For all other enquiries, please send us an email at

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