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We work hard everyday to better the lives of our charity's recipients through our many causes — including Feeding Children, Housing the Homeless and Fighting Poverty. Learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact! Contact us if you’d like more information on how to donate or volunteer.

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Next program dates to be announced 2023


Without cancer, East Rocks would not exist. In 2010 I lost my mum to it. The loss of a parent is awful and it was the catalyst for changing my life - with a growing family, starting a business is never easy, but with their support, East Rocks was born. 
What started as 3 people in my driveway in 2012 has become such an important part of the lives of so many. 
When I first read about Battle Cancer in 2017, I was in. 100%. The opportunity to gather a load of mates, workout and raise money for a deeply personal cause was so inspiring.
Since then East Rocks has competed in many Battle Cancer competitions - travelling to Madrid and hosting the roadshow in 2020. An incredible, personal highlight. 
My dad was diagnosed with cancer too and so it remains at the forefront of my mind. 
The opportunity to be part of the Battle Cancer Program is a total honour. 
To be able to help people who have fought this awful disease to become stronger, healthier and enjoy better lives before passing that on to yet more people is just incredible. 
I can’t wait to get started and share the amazing East Rocks with you.

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